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πŸ“‚ Updates: Royalty File Upload, Bulk Import Assets, Products, Auto set Splits and more

Hey friend,

It’s been a minute, a lot has been happening behind the scenes nonetheless. Here are some updates.


  • Royalty File Upload for processing/analyses on the dashboard
  • Bulk Import Assets, ProductsΒ and other data using prefilled CSV files
  • Utility page to check Royalty data for missing Assets, Products, Splits and more.
  • Auto set Splits and more

Royalty File Upload

There is now a page to upload zipped CSV Royalty files for processing/analyses on the dashboard. We are on our way to completely automating royalty file processing.

Bulk Import Data

This is a beta feature we have been using to onboard clients’ data for weeks now. We finally opened it for admin users. You can now fill a template file and upload it to import Users, Artistes, Assets, Products, Payment records and more. You can try it out here.

Checklist page

This one is another very important admin page that’s now open for use. Here, the platform runs a check on uploaded/processed Royalty data for missing Assets, Products, Splits and more. It provides this data for use on the bulk import tool, while auto setting the Splits to Assets and Products with the click of a button. Sweet!

Speak again next time.

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